Fabric Basket with Plastic Organizer

Have been on a bit of a fabric basket kick lately... this one measures 11" x 7" and has a removable 3-section plastic organizer.  The plastic organizer is simply a disposable food container that I purchased for $1.00 at Dollar Tree!  I have been making many of these baskets in all different sizes and patterns for the past week and can't get enough of them!  If you want to learn how to make one of your own, I will be teaching a class at The Quilting Folks on Tuesday evening, August 28th from 6:00-8:00.  Call 321/631-8601 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            321/631-8601      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlightiend_of_the_skype_highlightingto register or visit the store in Cocoa to see all the samples I have made. 


Jackson Quilt

This quilt was made for a friend's son, Jackson... All the animals were crafted from his recycled baby clothes!  The quilting is amazing (Laurel Merrill).  Backed with cuddly polar teck fabric.

Giraffes made from recycled onesie!

Mustache Quilt

Each square has an appliqued mustache!
Well, this quilt requires a bit of an explanation... My daughter came to me a week before the last day of school and asked me to make one more quilt for her beloved teacher, Mrs. Meister... "And mom, can you make it a mustache quilt?"  You see, somehow mustaches really caught on as a kind of "thing" in Mrs. Meister's class this year... so this is the result... a mustache themed quilt to say thank you for being the best teacher ever... did I mention Emily missed only one question on both the math and reading FCATs this year?  Thank you very much Mrs. Meister!

The label on the back of the quilt says, "Thank you for the stash of memories and knowledge you gave us this year, but now we must dash.  Love your 6th grade class, 2011-2012"

The whole class on the last day of 6th grade posing with mock mustaches!

Chevron Quilt

Dr. Cyndee Hutchinson with her new quilt!
I made this quilt for a very special mentor, Dr. Hutchinson, who allowed me to work with her this summer teaching a course called Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management.  The quilt is made out of scraps I picked up for .10 cents each at a quilt show last spring.  The quilting really enhanced the simple beauty of this quilt... thank you Laurel Merrill for doing your magic and thank you, Cyndee for being such a great colleague and mentor!


Christmas Table Runner

I made this little Christmas-themed table runner yesterday while I was on the bridge... I thought it would take a couple of hours (ha-ha)... Seven hours later, I have the perfect gift for our neighbors, Tula, Gary, and Jessica, who always invite Emily to join them for fun and good times.  In fact, they invited Emily over to spend the night tonight (Christmas Eve) so Jessica would have her best friend to wake up with on Christmas morning!  Tula is right, Jessica and Emily are like sisters!  And since we are Jewish, Emily has never gone to bed in a house that Santa visits, so I am anxious to hear all about it tomorrow!  (By the way, do you notice how green our grass is behind  the runner?  When is winter going to begin this year?  LOL)

Wonky Word Quilt

No pattern... Just a pair of scissors and two fat quarters!
Have you ever seen a "Wonky Word Quilt"?  I love these zany and colorful quilts designed by Tonya Ricucci... Her book is called "Word Play Quilts".  I didn't purchase the book, but I spent hours looking at images of quilts inspired by her designs.  The idea here is NOT to follow a pattern, to just go for it.  So, this is my first attempt and I kinda like it! (If you are a quilter, you can appreciate the letter "C" with the corners angled!!  Not as difficult as I thought it would be, but it required some thought!)  It took me about two hours to put this block together and after asking my friends on Facebook to describe me using 4 and 5-letter words, I have a list to make more blocks.  I just returned from the fabric store with other colors that match the tone and vibrancy of these oranges... and I will add to this post as I create more blocks. 

Alissa's Picnic Quilt

Alissa's Bridal Shower, May 2011
My niece loves blue and green so I when I went to the fabric store to pick out the prints for her wedding quilt, I was on the look out for those colors.  I fell in love with the the coordinating ladybug and lawn fabric... I added the red and white stripes and invented my own pattern... and it grew, and grew, and grew!  I think it is large enough to cover a king bed, but the quilt is for taking to the park or a ball game... something I hope Alissa and Andy do often... and I hope to see some babies crawling on this one soon, too!